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Need to increase your business? We can provide services to help increase your sales and make your phone ring. We offer all the creative talent that the big firms have–but at an affordable price!

Here at Bevier Creative, a Denver-based marketing and web development firm, we speak nerd. So we wanted to give you fair warning that we’re going to be throwing some nerd terms around on this page. The bottom line is we are able to offer our clients the latest technology in website creation, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM). We help clients to:

  • Promote their business with a new website and accompanying marketing materials
  • Reach target markets
  • Get found by search engines
  • Increase interaction with visitors to convert them to clients
  • Increase sales

This is done, not with a large agency with 18 departments, but with a small team. The old dude and some talented 20-somethings. Read on to discover how we can make your phone ring with qualified prospects.

You want an original design, to set yourself apart from the competition and establish your unique brand? We can do all that and still make it a logical site for your clients to find your products and services. We stay ahead of the trends in user-center design theory and usability standards. Contact us to see how we can make your marketing budget go farther than the large agencies.


Bevier Creative has built super complex sites and really simple sites. It all comes down to what our clients need. And when those needs change, we can help change your website to meet those needs. Our solutions are as flexible as the real world needs them to be.

We typically use open source content management systems to build our clients websites. This means your site will improve organically over time, evolving and increasing its capabilities in the future.  Opting for our web development process means:

  • We will make your brand shine
  • We help your target market find you
  • We help convert visitors to satisfied clients

Contact us to see how we can make your marketing budget go farther than the large agencies.

Adding fresh content is the key to finding and converting visitors to your website, as well as contributing to earning higher organic search engine ranking. That’s why Bevier Creative creates websites with content management systems built in, so our clients can add or delete content, images and videos, without having to pay a nerd to make changes for you.

We typically use open source content management systems to build our clients websites, notably Drupal or WordPress. This means your site comes standard with an easy-to-use, browser-based dashboard. Not only will we create a manual to go with your new site, we can help train you or your staff on how to use your new site, so you can hit the ground running. With our content management systems, you will be able to:

  • Update all content pages, including photos, videos, podcasts and more
  • Create and maintain a company blog
  • Update your home page, which will help search engine ranking
  • Launch specials or sales for online products

Contact us to see how we can make your marketing budget go farther than the large agencies.

While you are the experts at what you do, being in the trenches one can get bogged down in minutia. That’s why it’s best to have Bevier Creative communicate your value proposition in copy that is interesting and engaging. Many web development firms leave it to their clients to create the actual content. We think this is a hugely missed opportunity. We can help tell your story compellingly, while using keywords that will help you get found by your target market. We can use our wordsmiths to create copy from scratch, or simply polish your existing prose. Here’s how the process works:

  • We’ll first get acquainted with your business, your goals and past website strategies, what worked, what didn’t
  • We’ll discover the strategies being employed by your competitors
  • Research the keywords that will grow your traffic
  • Analysis of your target audience, including motivation, search strategies, and the calls to action that convert
  • Then we create content and headlines that attracts your target market and search engines using those keywords with surgical precision
  • We also write blog content for clients
  • We also write email newsletters for clients that help connect and convert prospects

Contact us to see how we can make your marketing budget go farther than the large agencies.


Usability testing is used to determine if a website design meets the expectations of your target market. This technique can be used on new designs, as well as existing websites that need direction on how to improve. Here’s how it works: a number of participants in your target market are recruited to provide feedback on a website (or a website design). They are shown the site and their observations are recorded and compiled into a report. Usability testing provides a wealth of information about how to make your website meet your customer’s expectations. Usability testing:

  • Provides direction on new designs as well as existing websites that need improvement
  • Helps identify any confusion from users as to what you do and how you do it
  • Is valuable in providing feedback on what would convert visitors into long term clients

Contact  us to see how we can make your marketing budget go farther than the large agencies.


[Many web design firms charge an arm and a leg to create e-commerce websites. But Bevier Creative can build you an e-commerce site for less, built on cutting-edge, open source content management systems. In addition to building the sites and populating them with your great products, we can help you succeed once the site goes live. We can blend a variety of tactics to make that virtual cash register ring with more orders. Consider some of the tactics we use regularly to help our clients increase e-commerce sales:

  • Search engine optimization, aka SEO
  • Create, maintain and monitor pay per click advertising campaigns
  • Email and newsletter marketing campaigns
  • Blogging with great content
  • Online reputation management
  • Home page optimization
  • Local optimization, including Google place pages
  • Increase online lead generation
  • Social media marketing, including setting up Facebook business pages and twitter accounts

Contact  us to see how we can make your marketing budget go farther than the large agencies.


You’ve got your Google analytics installed on your site, so you can access your reports. When you open the report, you discover a wealth of information. But what does it all mean? And how can you use this information to improve your traffic and ultimately get more clients? That’s where we come in. Analytics is basis to find out who is viewing your site and how to attract new visitors. Here’s the process:

  • We analyze your Google analytics, comparing your site with your competitors and niche leaders
  • We prepare a monthly report summary
  • Provide keyword analysis so you can alter your content approach to attract more visitors
  • Site load times and other SEO strategies are explored
  • Cost is $250 a month for a full report
  • Includes a one hour, monthly conference call with your team
  • Report provides strategies in keywords, visitor conversion and more

Contact  us to see how we can make your marketing budget go farther than the large agencies.

The Basics of SEO: Seek & Yee Shall Find: There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million websites on the Internet, with more than 1.5 million new sites every month

• SERPs, a buzzword you may hear, are search engine results pages
• How are all these sites are classified, stored and retrieved? Crawlers, bots, databases, algorithms; working together they retrieve and rank websites
• Higher ranking is your goal with SEO. Currently Google, Yahoo & MSN (now Bing) are the primary search engines, accounting for 95% of all search engine use. Each uses its own proprietary search software.
• Four ways your site will be ranked: Location (where search terms are located on your website), Frequency (how often search term appears) Links (coming in or going out, they have to be topic relevant) Click-through (how many pages are viewed by visitors, how much traffic you receive).
• How to put the search engines to work for you? Think of SEO as a marathon rather than a sprint
• Achieving organic SEO is the goal with our SEO strategy

We use proprietary software tools to help achieve organic search engine ranking, all described in more detail below:

Ranking Reports, $250 Per Report
Using our proprietary software, we will be able to track your rankings on search engines, including your site as well as your top four competitors, in the top search engines, the exact URL found, how many times particular keywords are being searched, how powerful a keyword is, and lots, lots more!

Here’s what our Ranking Reports can do for you:

  • Automatically checks your search engine rankings, + top four competitors
  • Measures whether you are rising, falling or staying the same in search engine rankings–on all major search engines
  • Helps you discover profitable keywords you’ve been missing out on!
  • Shows you the BEST keywords to optimize your site for!
  • Recommend monthly reports, but can perform this weekly or quarterly

Website Audit, $250 Per Report
To ensure your website is fulfilling its ranking potential, a website audit is needed regularly to make sure you aren’t committing any gaffes that can hurt your search engine ranking. That’s where the proprietary tool from Bevier Creative can help with on page optimization, as well as across your entire site. Our Website Audit provides a wealth of information on how you can improve your ranking. Our tool crawls your site and analyzes all your pages against a myriad of SEO factors, presenting the data in a report that details what needs to be done, including:

  • Alerts to any duplicate content
  • Alerts for any broken links
  • Captures any non-indexed pages
  • Alerts for coding errors
  • Measures descriptors, titles and meta tags against best practices
  • Optimize your site’s structure to make it search engine friendly
  • Recommend monthly reports, but can perform this weekly or quarterly

Competition Analysis, $250 Per Report
Is your competition ranking higher than your website? Wouldn’t it be great to discover how they are doing it? Wouldn’t you love to discover what keywords and linking strategy they are employing to get those results? Well now with a proprietary tool from Bevier Creative, you can. By analyzing a top-ranking competitor, you will understand why they rank well, as well as having a map on how to get there yourself. With our Competition Analysis Report, you will understand what you need to do to outrank the competition.

  • Helps reverse engineer your site to ensure top ranking over time
  • Discover what linking strategy your competitors are employing
  • Discover what keyword strategy your competitors are employing
  • Discover what backlinks your competitor is using
  • This tool enables you to do all this secretly and ethically
  • Recommend monthly reports, but can perform this weekly or quarterly

Linking Report, $250 Per Report
Link building is the key to any online promotion strategy. Google, Yahoo and Bing reward websites with high quality, in-bound links with the highest ranking. No one said this portion of SEO was easy. However, it is manageable with a tool from Bevier Creative. Using this tool, we will furnish you with a report that will lay out exactly what kind of links you need to go after and why, including:

  • How to find valuable link partners and discover their contact info
  • Design a link directory on your website that will help your search engine ranking
  • Establish reciprocal links with partners
  • Monitor your link popularity over time
  • Communicate with your link building partners
  • Recommend monthly reports, but can perform this weekly or quarterly


Most company owners don’t care how many retweets they have or how many people like them on Facebook. Instead, they care about their bottom line and how their social media strategy relates back to their real business goals of increasing sales and expanding their business. That’s where our brand management packages can help by providing one low monthly fee while helping you connect with prospects and customers.

  • Many company owners simply don’t have the time to update their websites themselves
  • Nor do they have the time to manage their social media strategies
  • Post new keyword-rich content that will get them found by search engines and their prospects
  • We do all this for you, while providing detailed reports of your progress


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