Terrible Twos

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Bevier Creative is more than two years old now. Just like a toddler, we are headstrong and willful. But that’s what it takes to succeed some days.

Toddlers are still lovable though. And you know we just LOVE here at Bevier Creative? We love working with clients that produce great products. Have you ever noticed that when there’s quality, when there’s originally or brilliance on one side of the deal, it tends to raise the bar on the other? But that’s when it gets fun, right? We love that challenge. We met that challenge head on with a new website we just finished for Mountain Girl Organics.

Small business entrepreuners, owner Paula Aurand-Stephens and her husband Scott make handcrafted organic olive oil soaps, shea whip body butters, bath fizzies , spa gift sets and more. All their products are made under Colorado blue skies, in small batches with organically sourced raw materials whenever possible.

To really craft the look and the feel of the site, we felt it necessary to use their products. Live like a customer. Owner Paula Aurand-Stephens personally brought by samples. The verdict? Wow!

The difference in these products when compared to something store bought? Like apples and oranges. Night and day. Bonnie and Clyde. Well, that last metaphor was reaching. But we’re saying these products are amazing. Highly recommend you just give it a try. We encourage you to relax, renew and revive by visiting Mountain Girl Organics. We personally recommend the shea whips, lip quenchers, bath salts, well, basically the whole dern catalog is awesome. So check it out. For Valentine’s day?

How did we do it? We built the Mountain Girl Organics website on the wordpress platform, using the shopp plug in for e-commerce. It’s worth noting that the team at Bevier Creative offers two kinds of content management systems for clients to access their website directly, to add content, images or blogs. In addition to sites built on wordpress, we also offer sites built with Drupal. Both wordpress and Drupal are open source content management systems, meaning they constantly evolve and improve. Recently both wordpress and Drupal have come out with new versions, wordpress 3.0 and Drupal 7.

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